A career that began at an early age and a practice I still love

For my eleventh birthday, my father (an engineer for the U.S. Department of Defense) gave me my first drafting board.  Within a month I had designed a home for our family.  When I found the time, I continued to draw until I joined the Marine Corps.

During my last months in the Corps, my father wrote me a letter speculating on my future.  He was a man who read a great deal to educate and improve his life experience so I always took his advice to heart.  Knowing my artistic abilities and my understanding of mathematics, particularly geometry, along with his belief in my people skills, he recommended architecture or film directing.  The only film school in existence at that time was the University of Southern California where tuition was very high.  So, I decided on architecture.

I began that education at Miami-Dade Community College and worked as a professional lifeguard on Miami Beach.

Working as a Lifeguard

Two years later, I transferred to Arizona State University College of Architecture where I earned a slot on the Dean’s List for Academic Excellence.

I have since designed and build projects in Arizona, Florida and California.

In Florida, I founded Architecture and Construction, Inc, a Human Space Corp.  We designed and built several residential properties in and around Coconut Grove while I worked one day out of three as a professional firefighter for the City of Hallandale.

Working as a Fire Fighter

S. Hoff Smith’s residence in Coconut Grove was a featured cover story and article in Tropic Magazine.

S Hoff Smith Residence, Coconut Grove, FL

Wanting to spend time with my family before it was too late and wanting to join John Quinn in the Hollywood scene, I moved back to California and continued to design and build, earning a living along my way to becoming an author.  The Michael and Rene Ditton residence in the Ojai Valley was a feature article in the Ventura County Star.

I continue to design and build in Cebu and particularly love custom residential projects.

Some of My Works

Designs and Floor Plans