White sand beaches, tropical breezes and azure seas are the visual images drawn around the remote Caribbean island of St. Arcane; but, when money is involved, watch out, there are serpents in paradise.

When Maj. Michael Crooke, USMC-R, takes leave from his combat unit in Afghanistan to meet with his fiancée, Katrina Ratova, a star performer in the Christian music circuit with a mission promoting pre-marital abstinence, their idyllic Caribbean vacation becomes two weeks of suspense, danger and high adventure.  Upon arrival, they visit a restaurant owned by underwater salvage veteran Jacob Hatch who leads them on a quest for ancient, sunken, demonic temple artifacts and a cargo worth billions.  Unknown to Michael and Katrina, Hatch has enemies from his past, men who will stop at nothing to acquire certain of these artifacts; an evil medallion and a supernaturally powerful crystal skull.

While shopping with Angelique, Hatch’s live-in lady, Katrina visits a curio shop owned by Panyel, a practitioner of the dark arts and spy for Hatch’s old enemies.  Seeing an early photo of Hatch and Capt. Mark Brewster (an old friend turned enemy) which displays their discovery of a donut shaped gold ingot, Katrina lets slip a similar discovery made locally by Michael and herself.

While exploring a nearby volcano with Hatch, Michael discovers a map that leads them to the location of the sunken Portuguese vessel, Conquista.  Hatch gathers his long-time sidekick, Seamus O’Toole, and diver Billy Brace for salvage operations.

During salvage operations, Seamus goes ashore for supplies and stops at a local bar for a few drinks.  Being an alcoholic, Hatch has ordered him to stay sober.  So, when Seamus sees a McKinnon Turbo Goose fly over on a landing approach, the same type of sea plane owned by their old enemies, he says nothing about it.  Later, when he sees Panyel with Mark Brewster and Corta, a savage chief from the Andes Forest, he says nothing to Hatch and the others, fearing reprisal for his drunkenness.  As he sees neither the plane nor their enemies for the following two weeks, he believes they have left the island, having bought into Hatch’s hush-hush story to the locals that they are diving for illegal red and black coral.

After recovering most of the artifacts and precious gems, they meet with Devoss Vander Klei, Hatch’s Dutch banker, who estimates the value of their newfound wealth.  He will market their findings in complete secrecy.

They return to port where Michael and Katrina are married aboard Hatch’s schooner.  That night, Hatch’s old enemies overpower Michael, take all the loot and kidnap Katrina, the real treasure for Corta’s plan of demonic impregnation.  For good measure, they go ashore and blow up Hatch’s restaurant, believing they have killed Hatch and Michael.  Michael and the others survive but believe Angelique, Hatch’s live-in partner, has been killed.

Bent on vengeance, Hatch takes Michael, Seamus and Billy to a nearby island and recruits Bobby Hubbell, a smuggler and weapons dealer.  Bobby is not only familiar with the Andes refuge of Hatch’s old enemies, but he also owns a helicopter capable of heavy lifting.  With Hatch bent on vengeance, Michael must find a way to control Hatch’s rage in order to rescue his new bride.

For a fair share in the treasure, Bobby supplies the weapons and flies them to the mountain refuge of Hugo Augusto Faria, descending patron of one of Brazil’s few remaining Portuguese captaincies and the financial backer for Hatch’s old enemies.  While Billy and Seamus recover and load artifacts, Hatch and Michael follow a procession up the mountain to the ancient temple of Corta’s people.  Michael is attacked with poison darts and rendered unconscious.  Hatch retreats to gather the others for the rescue of Michael and Katrina.

As Michael returns to paralyzed consciousness, he witnesses the drug induced rape of Katrina.  When natives see he is returning to consciousness, they drag him toward his certain death.  At the pivotal moment, the helicopter arrives with Hatch and the others.  They kill most of the bad guys and rescue Michael but Corta has escaped with Katrina.  Now fully conscious and regaining his strength, Michael decides he must go after them alone.  Otherwise, Corta might kill Katrina.  He pursues and overtakes them, overpowers the evil Corta and rescues his bride.

A year later, Katrina has no memory of the occurrences during her kidnap and drug induced rape.  She believes their new baby is Michael’s but Michael knows otherwise.  While visiting Hatch’s rebuilt restaurant, Hatch sees the baby and understands who the actual father must be.  Michael has neither the need nor desire to confirm Hatch’s suspicions.  He is happy that Katrina has no memory of those dark, drug induced events.  Only time will tell if they can turn this demon seed to good.